Shanghai Chijia Alloy Material Co.,Ltd.

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Shanghai Chijia Alloy Material Co., Ltd., founded on Aug. 15th, 2005, locates in Jiading District of Shanghai City. It is originally the subsidiary of Shanghai Alloy Plant and has a history of over 40 years. The company is equipped with advanced professional equipments including wire stretching, wire heating, mechanical property test, computer spiral filament forming machine, etc. We also specializes in producing various kinds of brands and specification of aluminum wire containing alloy wire, a...

      • Company Name:
      • Shanghai Chijia Alloy Material Co.,Ltd.
      • Business Type:
      • Main Products:
      • aluminum strip,alulminum wire,alulminum stick,aluminum silicon thread,aluminum thread,pure aluminum wire
      • Address:
      • Huangqing Village,Juyuan New Section,Jiading District,Shanghai City
      • Post Code:
      • 201800
      • Contact Person:
      • Hu Zhongrao
      • Department:
      • Mobile Phone:
      • 13564730800
      • Tel:
      • 021-39968371
      • Fax:
      • 021-39968475
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